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  • The fast paced world and professional expectations require more clothes and more space. Whilst families are not always getting bigger, clothing styles and choices are expanding creating bigger wardrobes and requiring more laundry space. 

    As such, VECS AUST PTY. LTD will assist you with Laundry Renovations Melbourne, providing you with ideas and suggesting designs catered for your needs. Our approach is simple: practical Laundry Renovations Melbourne for competitive cost! 

    Based on your existing plumbing and drainage provisions, we will assist in selecting cabinetry, laundry troughs, sinks and taps that are durable and of fine quality. Tile selection for walls and floors as well as lighting and ventilation are important aspects that must be considered when undertaking laundry refurbishments and renovations.

    We are waiting to hear from you and ask on about deals which we can do for you to ensure that you get a good quality finish which is reasonably priced!

    At VECS AUST PTY. LTD, we will ensure that your laundry renovations Melbourne will be a smooth process. Our works are fully scheduled to ensure that you are fully aware and involved throughout the entire process. Prior to commencement, we will confirm tile selection as well as selection of fixtures and fittings and cabinets/shelves (according to the selected price range of works) as well as the necessary procedures for the undertaking of the repairs:

    1) Strip out of the existing

    2) Preparatory works (including cladding fixing or render, depending on the walls), screeding and waterproofing to necessary Australian Standards as required.

    3) Laying of tiles to both floors and walls. Grout and caulk.

    4) Installation of fittings and fixtures as well as any required cabinetry

    5) Handover of works

    It's as simple as that! Your laundry renovations Melbourne will be a pleasant experience if you choose VECS AUST PTY. LTD and we will ensure that you get the results that you want. You will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on the process to ensure that you are confident with the value of finish that you are receiving.

    Call us to know more!

    Laundry and Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne By VECS AUST PTY. LTD