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  • Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne – Five Tips You Need to Know Before You Start

    August 19, 2017 | Blog | saburation
  • Whether knocking down an entire kitchen to build a new one from scratch or doing some small touch ups on our dream kitchen, here are some important things you should know before starting with your remodeling project:

    • Function and efficiency first
      Consider how you want to use every inch of space in the area that you have. Many people over-estimate their space, thinking they have all the room they need for all the things they wish to stuff into their new kitchen. Oftentimes, they forget to make room to move. The result is usually a fully packed kitchen that is far from being efficient. When planning your renovation project, make sure that you leave enough room for your fixtures and a good amount of space to move while thinking about the things you wish to do in the space.
    • Lighting comes second
      Now that you have planned your kitchen’s layout, make sure that every area is well-lit, especially those where you have to work the most. Recessed lighting, while ambient, may not serve well when working your stoves and ovens. What you need are big, hanging light fixtures, which not only provide good lighting, but will also add modern character to your space.
    • Stove is third
      Your kitchen stove may well be the centerpiece of your kitchen. It is the most used and, often, the most visible appliance in the area. When upgrading your kitchen, best upgrade to a stove with the right features for your needs.
    • Countertops fourth
      Make sure that your countertops are spacious enough for all the movements in the kitchen. Choose a solid surface that is easy to maintain, like granite or marble.
    • Cabinets are last
      Finally, choose cabinets that tie the look of your kitchen together. Make sure that you buy pieces that are not only elegant but, will help you maintain an efficient cooking process.