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  • VECS AUST PTY. LTD undertakes House and Building Inspections in Melbourne. Wear and tear, structural and cosmetic defects, membrane failure, vendor concealment can costs THOUSAND AND MORE!! Our Director and Operations Manager has been in the Melbourne Building Inspection Industry since 2001 and has seen it all! Failed membrane, patches to conceal existing defects, poor workmanship quality as well as inherent house/apartment issues which can catch potential buyers, renters and sellers off guard. As such, we can provide a House Inspection Report outlining possible dwelling issues for your attention. Paying $300 - $400 may save you $1000's. We will diligently inspect the property providing onsite feedback and recommendations as well as a written report with our findings (and photographs).

    Buying a new house may be a daunting task, particularly when you are not experienced in the buyers market and are unsure of whether you are buying a home for your needs or to lease, bringing you the monetary results you are dreaming of, or whether you are buying a lemon disguised as candy. Hence, VECS AUST PTY. LTD will assist you with our House Inspection Melbourne, which will enable you to provide smart choices prior to buying that property. We will undertake inspection of the property and advise you whether there are any associated maintenance risks which you need to be aware of or potential cash injections which you will be required to undertake when buying a selected property.

    Call VECS AUST PTY. LTD and arrange a time with us for house inspections Melbourne, so that we can offer you the necessary advise prior to purchasing any property.

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